With each and every service we provide, it's easy to see the great pride we take in providing thorough, quality workmanship to ensure you're satisfied- and will return again. Our customer satisfaction ratings are high, and that's where we intend to keep them. Let us know if there's anything we do to better your experience with us. Thank you!


We have all of the tools to fix whatever problem has you off the water. Whether it's an ultrasonic cleaner for carburetors,
or a state-of-the-art hand-held scanner tool, JF Marine has everything at the ready to locate, identify, and resolve your most baffling boat issues. We carry up-to-date service manuals for all brands as well as manufacturer service bulletins. We follow OEM specifications to be sure the repair is done correctly the first time. 

Want your vessel to stick out this summer?  Attract hundreds of baitfish for night time fishing? Add underwater LEDs. Your boat will definitely be the best looking in the marina! Are you tired of that breaker that continues to trip, or fuse that continues to blow? Or how about that rat's nest of wiring that looks awful, but you just aren't to sure about fixing it? We'll troubleshoot, repair, install, uninstall, even order new units if you decide you're ready for an upgrade! We follow Coast Guard and ABYC regulations diligently to be sure the vessel's wiring will never need to be touched again.


You have an older engine that you aren't sure is worth fixing? Price of new engines scaring you? Bring it in and we can perform a compression test followed by a leak down test to check the internals of the engine and steer you in the right direction. Or you have a newer engine with a check engine light on, and are nervous about bringing it to the dealer because you do not who will be working on it, and your bill may end up being astronomical? Not a problem we carry the latest computer software diagnostics for most applications.

Looking to buy a used boat? Want to be sure the engines are going to last you? Are you getting what you are paying for? Take us along and we can perform a few tests, as well as check the hours, scan for any faults, and check the run history. You will be impressed on how detailed we really are, possibly saving you thousands of dollars.